My Take On TV talks with TERRIERS’ Michael Raymond-James

Our pal Melody Simpson was at the red carpet premiere for TERRIERS premiere last night, and she took video of her chat with Michael Raymond-James formerly of TRUE  BLOOD, now playing Britt Pollack on TERRIERS, premiering tonight on FX (there are some spoilery bits so watch/read at your own risk).  Check out what he had to say in the video above, and follow the jump for the transcription!

Stuff heard before he made it down the carpet:
I’m a reformed thief with my best friend, Hank. We start to investigate a drinking buddy of Hank’s which leads to a mystery unfolding that gets much deeper.

At its core, it’s a show about relationships.

Guest Star Want to See in Season 2:

It would be great if we could get Robert De Niro or Daniel Day Lewis

In episode 4, Robert asks Hank & Britt to steal money from him to help him so what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for an enemy?
(laughs) For an enemy? Ah, I don’t have any enemies man. Everybody’s cool in my book.

What do you think is the easiest part about being a PI?
The easiest part about being a PI is not having a boss!

And the hardest part is?
The hardest thing is not having a boss. You sometimes don’t go to work when you should.

What’s your favorite breed of a dog other than a terrier?
Our director of photography has a Siberian Husky and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life.

Britt wasn’t happy about Hank taking his cut of money for his house but he does it because he’s Hank’s best friend. So what has been the last favor that you’ve done for a friend?
I got my buddy out of jail recently. I don’t know if you want me talking about that (laughs) not for anything serious though.

Who’s your best friend in real life?
I’ve got so many, I do. I’ve got a tattoo on my heart that’s Hawaiian for family and it’s not limited to kin folk. Friends are relatives that you get to choose for yourself.