Watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from the beginning!

Anyone who has talked TV with me knows two things – I would follow JJ Abrams off a cliff, I can’t talk during an hour of SONS OF ANARCHY, and to me, there is not better show currently airing, previously airing, ever made, than FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  Now, you’ll get your chance!  Starting tonight, and airing weeknights at 6/5c on ABCFamily, you can watch my favorite show, starting with the pilot.  Stock up on tissues, set the DVR, and prepare to fall in love with the Taylors, Matt, 6, Riggs, and Tyra.  My only advice?  Give Buddy Garrity a chance and he just might surprise you!

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  • Patty

    It’s because of you guys (and Dan and Kath) that I went back and watched all of FNL (and bought all the DVD’s!) this past summer. So a giant thank you to all of you! I will be watching again on ABCFam too. Because one watch is not enough for this show.