Talking ROOKIE BLUE with Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith

I’m a huge fan of EVERWOOD. I spoke the praises of REAPER for months, hoping it would live on. But out of our unfortunate need to say goodbye to those two shows, comes the chance to fall for another show, this one about rookie cops fighting the good fight, and starring EVERWOOD’s Ephram (Gregory Smith) and REAPER’s Andi (Missy Peregrym) – ROOKIE BLUE.

The show, premiering tonight on ABC at 9/8c, follows the lives of 5 rookie cops as they learn what they’re doing.  In the pilot, Peregrym’s character (also) Andy botches an undercover drug operation and needs to redeem herself by playing the hero.  The show is drawing comparisons to GREY’S ANATOMY, and I can tell why – it is less about the police procedural aspect, and more about these characters, much like the medical cases on GREY’S are less important than the lives of our characters.  The show has a solid set up, and I was drawn to the possibility of what’s coming in future episodes.

I had the great chance to speak with Gregory and Missy about what drew them to the show and how their characters are different than what we’ve seen from them before!  Check out the video and let me know why you’re excited about the premiere of ROOKIE BLUE!