What’s On? Thursday, 6/17/10

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
CBS The Mentalist CSI The Mentalist
ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night

Countdown to Game 7

NBA Finals Game 7

NBC Community 100 Questions

The Office 30 Rock The Office Parks and Recreation
Fox Glee So You Think You Can Dance

CW The Vampire Diaries Moonlight
USA NCIS Burn Notice

Royal Pains

Sho Vicky Cristina Barcelona / Fight Camp 360 The Tudors Penn & Teller: Bullshit

Green Room with Paul Provenza

Bravo Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Pt 2 Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Pt 3

Bethenny Getting Married?

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New tonight –

At 8, ABC has an all new JIMMY KIMMEL:LIVE for Game 7, followed by a Countdown to Game 7.  NBC has an all new 100 QUESTIONS where Charlotte’s new boyfriend becomes obsessed with her, and her friends come up with a lie to get her out of the relationship.

At 9, ABC has Game 7 in the NBC finals. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is all new and live on FOX, as the first of the top 11 is eliminated.  Bravo has an all new reunion special for the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC.  It’s finally part 3, and from the clips, Ramona goes nuts on Jill!  USA has an all new BURN NOTICE that has Michael dealing with mistreated dock workers and an underground-artillery.

At 10, the game continues on ABC.  Bravo has an all new episode of BETHENNY GETTING MARRIED? as she deals with her impending nuptials and dog problems.  Showtime has all new episodes of PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT and GREEN ROOM WITH PAUL PROVENZA.  On the former, P & T hit up a fast food restaurant; on the latter, Roseanne, Bob Saget, Sandra Bernhard, and Patrice O’Neal stop in as guest comedians.  USA has an all new ROYAL PAINS.  Big Show guest stars as an actor who is ailing from something that he does for a living, while Eddie shares his plans to stay in the Hamptons.