My Take on the CASTLE finale

ABC’s CASTLE is one of those shows that I watch every week but it’s not necessarily a show that I rush home to watch right away on Monday.  I usually end up watching a marathon on the weekends, so I don’t get to talk about it much.  It’s a shame, too, because this season, they’ve really built on the chemistry between Castle and Beckett to the point where I think that Stana Katic has really come into her own, and owned the character.  I also love when Castle has a storyline with his mom and Alexis;  it’s always very endearing.  I think the show gets better every week, and that’s why I think I truly enjoyed the finale.  

In tonight’s finale, the squad investigates the murder of a possible spy.  It’s another one of those episodes that has Castle loving every minute of the investigation and a giddy Castle is so adorable.  The episode also finds Beckett and Castle, with a little help from Esposito, starting to face up to the fact that maybe he’s not really shadowing her because it’s good for his novel.  Maybe it’s because there’s something there besides a partner relationship.  In family news, Castle needs to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is growing up!

A really sweet episode that leaves us with a good cliffhanger to ponder over the summer.  I’m truly glad this show is coming back for season 3!!