Rob Lowe and Adam Scott talk PARKS AND RECREATION

Just when I thought one of my favorite comedies couldn’t get any better, they add Sam Seaborn and Henry Pollard* to the cast.  Check out some great clips of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott talk about joining the show we’re all loving! After that, follow the jump for some deleted scenes from last week’s “Telethon” episode.  And don’t forget to tune in tonight for an all new episode where the Parks and Recreation budget is slashed by two visiting auditors (Lowe and Scott) and Leslie’s park plans are put on hold!

(*Rob Lowe and Adam Scott join the cast – Sam and Henry are their WEST WING and PARTY DOWN characters)

Tom is convinced that hanging out with a star athlete at his nightclub
is a slam dunk.

You can’t choose between lepers and your friends.