GLEE is finally back!

My personal favorite Glee Club, New Directions, is back tonight, and I for one, could not be happier!  When we last left our Gleeks, they had just won their Sectionals competition after a horrible set-list sharing crisis.  Quinn’s real baby daddy was revealed, Sue was sent off to Boca on a suspension, and Mr. Shue was exploring a little something with one Miss Emma Pilsbury.

Not much has changed when we get back to McKinley in tonight’s inspired new episode “Hell-o”.  The Gleeks think that they might rule the school after their big win, but their excitement is quickly met with a slushie to the face.  Finn and Rachel are trying to make their relationship work, but some scheming from the reinstated Sue Sylvester, and a chance meeting for Rachel in the music library put them on thin ice.

Follow the jump only if you want to see clips from tonight’s episode – otherwise, skip the jump, watch tonight’s premiere, and come back here to relive the awesome afterwards!

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