What’s On? Thursday, 4/8/10

Sort of a calm Thursday – some old stuff, some new.  What are you watching?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs an all new episode of FLASH FORWARD.  Mark and Vogel try to out the FBI mole, which could alienate Mark from his coworkers.  Mark moves out of his house to protect his family, and Keiko job hunts in LA.  Over on CBS, there is an all new SURVIVOR.  The episode is called “Expectations” and the only description we’ve got is that someone else gets voted off.  NBC has reruns of COMMUNITY and PARKS AND RECREATION.  On COMMUNITY, Britta and Jeff take interest in Annie’s love life when she shows interest in Vaughn; on PREX, the sister government from Venezuela visits and brings Leslie down.

BONES is all new on FOX – it’s the 100th episode and the show flashes back to the first case that Booth and Bones ever worked together, while current-day Booth and Bones try to convince Sweets that they’re not in love with each other.  The episode is great until about 10 minutes from the end.  OH and Zack is back!!!  Over on The CW, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is all new.  Stefan and Damon face a dangerous new enemy who puts Stefan in serious peril.  Elena turns to Alaric for help.  Meanwhile, Matt hopes his mom will stay in town for good, and Caroline makes a surprising discovery when her car breaks down during a storm.

The 9:00 Hour –

ABC has a rerun of GREY’S ANATOMY – it’s the episode where Addison heads to Seattle to help Mark with Sloan Sloan’s surgery.  CBS has an all new episode of CSI.  Ray investigates a family’s murder and when the killer is traced to a neighboring house, he is convinced that the home belongs to the serial killer named Dr Jekyll.

An all new episode of FRINGE airs on FOX.  The Division is baffled by the death of a woman from a disease she reportedly never had.  Meanwhile, Olivia does her best to keep what she knows about Peter a secret.  NBC airs reruns of THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK.  On THE OFFICE, it’s the episode where Michael lets a bunch of kids down when he says he can’t pay for their tuition to college. 30 ROCK is the episode where Tracey’s nanny writes a tell-all about his devoted ways.  SUPERNATURAL is ALL NEW – Sam and Dean are saved from a demon by a bunch of townspeople preparing for the apocalypse.  They meet the pastor’s daughter who claims to be a prophet but when she turns the townspeople on each other, they need to decide if they have to kill her.  Also at 9, A&E has an all new FIRST 48.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has the rerun of PRIVATE PRACTICE where Mark and Sloan Sloan head to LA when there are complications with the baby.  CBS has an all new THE MENTALIST.  Jane tries to uncover the identity of a woman with amnesia who stepped in front of Cho and Van Pelt’s car, covered in blood.  NBC has an all new episode of THE MARRIAGE REF with guests Tracy Morgan, Kathy Griffin, and Nathan Lane.

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY on Bravo.  A&E has an all new FUGITIVE CHRONICLES.  Another all new episode of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is on MTV – the 9 crews return for the finale and then a winner is chosen!  Who did you vote for?

PROJECT RUNWAY (followed by MODELS OF THE RUNWAY) is all new on Lifetime.  The designers are tasked with creating something based off of things at the Circus.  Tonight is the final challenge before the Bryant Park finalists are chosen!