Thursday MUST WATCH: The CW dramas

I am so excited for an all new 1-2 punch of episodes on The CW tonight, starting with an incredible episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES that features the genius Melinda Clarke, one of my favorites Amanda Detmer, huge revelations, Alaric being pissed off, Caroline feeling unloved, big questions answered, a super low cut pair of jeans on a certain Salvatore, and a feeling of “I never want this show to end” all rolled into a jam packed hour of fun!

Follow that incredible hour with what I’m sure is going to be an awesome episode of one of my favorite shows, SUPERNATURAL.  The boys head to Bobby’s home town to help with a zombie crisis.  I have missed the Winchesters!  Sounds like tonight might be a tearjerker too, as Bobby finds himself face to face with the undead zombie form of his dead wife.

Definitely check out The CW tonight – you will not regret it!