What’s On? Thursday, 3/11/10

Lots of new TV tonight!!

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC airs a rerun of GREY’S ANATOMY – it’s Teddy’s first episode!  Over on CBS, catch another all new episode of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS VILLAINS!!  Someone is seriously injured during a challenge, Russell searches for the hidden immunity idol, and Candice switches alliances to work with Tom and Cobly!  NBC has all new episodes of COMMUNITY and PARKS AND RECREATION.  On COMMUNITY, the gang’s family members visit for family day, and Jeff tries to help Pierce connect with his step daughter (Katherine McPhee), while Jeff falls for her. On PARKS AND REC, Leslie leads a task force that is out to catch a possum that bit the mayor’s dog on the golf course.

AMERICAN IDOL is all new on FOX – tonight we get to see another 2 guys and 2 girls kicked off in the final effort to whittle it down to the top 12.  Over on The CW, catch a rerun of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – the first flashback featuring the boy’s father and our first glimpse of Anna’s mother Pearl!

The 9:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new GREY’S ANATOMY – Richard and Owen vie for a difficult surgery, while Bailey preps for her next date with Jason George’s character.  Catch an all new episode of CSI on CBS – the team investigates a young boy’s murder and they realize it’s connected to a homicide from the past.

An all new episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES airs on FOX.  Gordon heads to a place called Le Bistro in South Florida.  NBC has all new episodes of THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK.  On THE OFFICE, Kathy Bates’ Jo is back and Michael tries to impress her.  Dwight tries to aggravate Jim, and Erin and Andy’s first date takes an interesting turn. On 30 ROCK, Liz tries to track down Mr Right that she met at the dentist, while Jenna helps Tracy to get a Tony Award. SUPERNATURAL is a rerun – the boys travel back in time to stop Anna from killing their parents so that she can stop the apocalypse.

Bravo has the second part of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY reunion and A&E has an all new FIRST 48.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new PRIVATE PRACTICE. Addison and Sam’s new girlfriend argue over how to treat a comatose surrogate.  THE MENTALIST is all new on CBS – a government scientist is poisoned and she hires Jane to help find her attacker.  NBC has an all new episode of THE MARRIAGE REF with guests Madonna, Ricky Gervais, and Larry David.

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY on Bravo.  Check out an all new episode of ARCHER on FX. Archer takes a job at rival agency ODIN and Malory goes out of her way to keep him at ISIS! A&E has an all new episode of MANHUNTERS and ICED: US MARSHALLS ALASKA.  Another all new episode of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is on MTV – the top 7 teams choreograph routines that incorporate disco!

PROJECT RUNWAY (followed by MODELS OF THE RUNWAY) is all new on Lifetime.  It’s called “The elements of Fashion” so I’m not sure what they’re making!  Comedy Central has all new episodes of IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN and THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM.  Demetri explores the importance of “2” and Sarah’s reunion with an imaginary friend from her childhood causes problems.