What's On? Thursday, 2/18/10

What are you watching on this semi-busy Thursday?

The 8:00 Hour –

ABC’s next all new episode of THE DEEP END airs tonight.  Addy’s long distance boyfriend shows up, and Liam and Dylan believe that the client they’re defending is innocent!  Over on CBS, catch another all new episode of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS VILLAINS!!  It sounds like Rob passes out and needs medical assistance.  Secrets revealed at Tribal Council could harm the well-being of a tribe!  NBC has the Olympics – it’s the big showdown on the ice. Will it be Evgeny Plushenko or Evan Lysacek?  My vote is for Evan, hands down!!

BONES is a rerun on FOX – a little person wrestler’s body is found, and Booth has trouble with his marksmanship. Over on The CW, catch a rerun of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Damon realizes that there are other vampires in town, while Elena confesses her love for Stefan and convinces him to stay in town.  Afterwards, she finds a picture that threatens their relationship and, eventually, her life!

The 9:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new GREY’S ANATOMY – Bailey, Webber, and Callie reflect on memories of their past.  Missi Pyle plays Bailey’s old resident, Sarah Paulson and J August Richards play Ellis and Richard back in the day, and we find out an interesting tidbit about Callie’s introduction to one of our docs.  Catch a rerun of THE MENTALIST on CBS – it’s the episode where someone is kidnapped, and the team needs to work with Bosco’s team to find her.

An all new episode of PAST LIFE airs on FOX.  Two people start sharing the same regressions, and they realize that they were star crossed lovers from a past life who found each other in this one.  NBC has the Olympics – the women do their half pipe thing, too!  I’m hoping Gretchen Bleiler gets her gold this year!  SUPERNATURAL is a rerun – it’s the episode where Bobby plays poker with a witch, and Dean ages into an old man who is still the same old Dean we know and love.  Check out an all new episode of FIRST 48 on A&E.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC has an all new PRIVATE PRACTICE. Naomi still doesn’t want to help with wedding plans but she does help Addison on a difficult case.  CSI is a rerun on CBS – the conclusion of the CSI trilogy that started back in Miami on Monday.  NBC has the Olympics to end the  night – more speedskating!

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY on Bravo.  Check out another hilarious episode of ARCHER on FX.  A bomb threat on a luxury liner has the ISIS team sweeping in to save the day.  Over on Lifetime, PROJECT RUNWAY has an all new episode – the designers need to design for a bunch of little girls who act like a bunch of little girls and piss all the designers off!  MANHUNTERS: FUGITIVE TASK FORCE is all new on A&E. Another all new episode of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is on MTV – the top 9 teams compete against each other for the first time!  Another all new episode of BURN NOTICE is on USA!  Michael infiltrates the fashion world and he and Fiona butter up a Polish intelligence officer!

On Comedy Central, don’t miss new episodes of IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN and THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM. The important thing of the week for Demetri is “Stategy”.  Sarah’s episode has her taking a stance against violence in media, particularly the movie HOME ALONE, and she inadvertently lands a position of influence into cleaning up what we see on TV.