After a special CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE tonight on ABC, be sure that you check out three all new genius half hours of family comedy –

Up first on THE MIDDLE, it’s Valentine’s Day and the Hecks are celebrating in style.  Axel’s got huge plans, Sue has her first boy/girl party, and Brick is invited to sleepover at the cat boy’s house!  I could not stop laughing throughout the whole episode, and it quickly elevated the show even higher on my list of favorites.  Check out an all new preview:

Following THE MIDDLE, tune into an all new Valentine’s Day episode of MODERN FAMILY.  David Brenner appears as himself when Jay takes Gloria to a comedy show for VDay.  Cameron and Mitchell decide to set Manny up on a date, and as you can see in this preview clip, Phil and Claire decide to spice up their love life for the holiday!

COUGARTOWN is next and I have to say that I love this show a little bit more every time I watch it!  Barry Bostwick guest stars as Smith’s father – and her friendship with Andy gets thrown into the mix.  Jules turns to Grayson when she needs back up companionship on Valentine’s Day and he surprises her with a nice gesture.  Jules and Bobby debate letting Travis attend a party where there will be alcohol – any story featuring Travis is immediate win! Check out an all new preview clip: