What's On? Thursday, 1/7/10

LOTS of reruns tonight!!  Might have to watch a movie or something with the Thursday night gang!

The 8:00 Hour –

The BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME is on ABC featuring Alabama and Texas.  Over on CBS, there’s a rerun of CSI where 3 seemingly unrelated murders are actually tied together.  NBC has reruns of COMMUNITY and PARKS AND RECREATION.  On COMMUNITY, Jeff and Shirley bond over gossiping about Britta’s new boyfriend; on PARKS AND REC, it’s the episode with Megan Mullally as Ron’s ex wife Tammy.

BONES is a rerun on FOX – it’s the episode with the Amish piano player that gets killed.  Over on The CW, catch a rerun of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – the episode where we find out the real reason that Damon is back in town.

The 9:00 Hour –

The game continues on ABC.  Another rerun episode of CSI airs on CBS – Ray and Riley are taken hostage.

A rerun of FRINGE airs on FOX.  Leonard Nimoy is back as the gang investigates the leader of the shape shifters!  NBC has reruns of THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK.  On THE OFFICE, the “Murder” episode where the office staff uses a Murder Mystery game to forget about the bad stuff going on with Dunder Miflin; 30 ROCK is the episode called “Into the Crevasse.”  The episode of SUPERNATURAL with the fan convention and the re-enacters and the awesomeness in general.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC continues with the game.  A repeat of THE MENTALIST airs on CBS – the gang investigates a motorcycle gang!  As always, NBC has LENO.

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY on Bravo.  JERSEY SHORE is all new on MTV – Mike’s sister visits.