What's On? Thursday, 12/17/09

LOTS of reruns tonight!!

The 8:00 Hour –

Catch a rerun of GREY’S ANATOMY on ABC – the second half of the season premiere.  Over on CBS, there’s an all new episode of SURVIVOR.  These people need to stop laying down for Russell to walk all over them!  I’m now voting for Mick and Brett!

BONES is a rerun on FOX – Chad Lowe guest stars in the episode that starts at the zoo.  Cam realizes that the deceased is her former fiancé.  NBC has an all new SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Holiday special – sounds like they’re going to have old holiday sketches; hope they’re good ones.  Over on The CW, catch episode 7 of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – this one’s the Halloween episode where Vicki vamps around town, doing damage!

The 9:00 Hour –

On ABC, another rerun of GREY’S ANATOMY – this time it’s the episode where Izzie returns to work after the whole almost dying thing!  Future TRUE BLOOD-er James Frain guest stars.  On CBS, CSI is all new – the team investigates a possible suicide pact!

A rerun of FRINGE airs on FOX.  Now’s your chance to start getting caught up – the season premiere of episode 2 where the Fringe team is under loads of scrutiny!  NBC’s SNL: HOLIDAYS continues through the hour.  Episode 8 of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is on the CW.  This is the episode where Dean’s ex wife Arielle Kebbel stops in (did you catch the GILMORE GIRLS reference?) as Stefan’s oldest friend.

The 10:00 Hour –

ABC runs an old episode of PRIVATE PRACTICE – Violet is still recovering from the attack, Violet and Addison work through their friendship problems.  An all new episode of THE MENTALIST airs on CBS – Jane is hit in the head by a baseball, causing him to flash back to his childhood!   As always, NBC has LENO.

You’ll find an all new episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY on Bravo. Plus, if you feel like subjecting yourself to something that makes everything else looks Shakespearean – JERSEY SHORE is all new on MTV.