Questions for Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic from CASTLE?

Castle2Send them my way today – talking to them Monday!

  • Questions to Stana:

    1) What kind of sport activities is Detective Beckett doing after work and whether we’re going to see some of these in the series?

    2) What kind of music do you like the most and what would be the 5 CDs you would take with you to the desert island?

    3) You have a very beautiful voice and “Simone’s song” from “The Librarian: The Course of The Judas Chalice” movie is really great. Any chance to see Beckett doing a karaoke on “Castle”?

    4) What did you learn from each one of the characters you played so far?

    5) What are your all time favourite book and the movie?

    6) Which Shakespearean character would you like to play and why?

    7) Any chance for at least one episode commentary just by you and Nathan Fillion at season 2 DVDs next year? Also, would you consider recording a solo commentary for the episode of your choice?

  • Boston Scientist

    For Stana:
    Why doesn’t Beckett use her ‘INNoCeNT BySTaNDeR’ coffee mug after the opening scenes of the premiere? Did you break it? They’re out of stock, ya know.

    For Nathan:
    Does Castle have a red coffee mug? Will we see it in an upcoming episode?

  • melina

    In This Season are we going to see you two kiss atleast all the fans really need this. and here to hoping you guys to get picked up for a full season

  • KC

    1.) I read that you have four younger brothers and one younger sister. Are any of them in the entertainment business?

    2.) What would you want to do with your life if you weren’t acting?

  • Shirley Brown

    For both Stana and Nathan:

    1. What kind of “side jobs” did you have to do when you first started acting to make ends meet, or were you able to earn enough acting to just act for a living?

    2. What do you do to stay in shape? (i.e what kind of exercise regima do you use?)

    For Stana:

    I’ve seen entries that indicated you enjoy horseback riding, is that becaue you did a lot of riding growing up, or is that something you’ve done only as an adult?

  • Cathy

    For both: Thanks for answering these!

    For Nathan : What is the best part of working with Stana Katic, What is the most challenging thing about working with Stana Katic?

    For Stana : What is the best part of working with Nathan Fillion, What is the most challenging thing about working with Nathan Fillion?

    For both: A lot of actors say it is hard for them to watch their performances. Is it hard for you to watch your self on screen?

    For both : What is harder for you, drama or comedy or dramedy :)?

    For both : What is your favorite band or artist?

  • chandlersdame

    For Nathan: Do you have any favorite mystery writers and/or characters, and if so, have they influenced the development of your portrayal of Castle?

  • Robert Garcia

    Question for Nathan: Watching you act with your on screen daughter Alexis, you would think that you have teens. Where do you get the knack for being such a loving and tender father on the show?

    P.S. I enjoyed watching you play the Malcolm Reynolds character as well as Richard Castle.

  • mary


    You seem to be childlike in many ways but we see you can also have a loving mature side. Do you think your character is actually mature but goofy and just takes life as his stage and is there to play on it or do you think your character actually has a deeper almost serious nature and the joking is a protective way to prevent people from looking too deeply. OF course, you can always say he is just an immature jerk who goofs around at the expense of other people but I don’t think that is it.


    I don’t think the only reason Beckett is a policeman is her mother’s murder. I also see her as someone who believes in justice, likes to be in control and uses power over men as a way to be respected. Do you see any of these traits and if so how do they influence your acting.