Don't miss BONES tonight!

BonesBONES kind of left half of their viewership feeling very cold about the season finale that totally would have worked as a middle of the season show, but which wasn’t very season finale-ish.  But I have to say that I’ve decided to forgive and forget over the summer, and I can’t wait for tonight’s all new Season 5 premiere! Click on the above picture and check out a video I think you’re all going to want to see!

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  • Ana Maria

    …great video, thank you for posting it! reminded me of an Angel episode; I think it might have been the first season where Angel goes to this party to protect Cordelia because the party’s host was evil or something and pretended to be like a casting agent; might be wrong on the details…but my point is, upon arriving to the party, Angel kinda freaks out because he imagines making a fool of himself, by dancing; it was so funny!…so, David Boreanaz, dancing, thank you…