Battle of the Network Cameos: GLEE versus TBL


So last night, we had two big name stars in their respective fields appear on two separate networks as themselves – how did they stack up?

The clear winner here is Josh Groban on GLEE (and not just because I prefer GLEE to TBL, I promise).  He was funny, and incredibly sarcastic at the end when he was [spoiler alert] totally trying to sleep with Scheuster’s drunk-ass mother!  He was absolutely at ease on camera, and I would love to see him do a little acting.  Posen on the other hand?  So bad at acting like himself.  I give him credit for signing on to do a cameo, I really do.  His designs are always gorgeous and I would wear anything he ever offered to make for me, but his “acting career” was probably better left on the cutting room floor.