GLEE officially starts tonight!

What are you doing tonight at 9PM?  If the answer isn’t “I’m watching/recording/tivoing/VCRing GLEE”, then you are no longer a friend of mine (unless you have extenuating circumstances and you plan to watch on Hulu or something tomorrow)! Follow the jump for a lovely gallery of the beautiful and awesome people making up my favorite cast and a little spoilerific description of what’s happening on tonight’s official season premiere!

Tonight’s episode, called “Showmance” takes what we learned in the pilot (that Scheuster is running the glee club, and that the football team and the Cheerios are totally against it), and combines everything.  Finn and Rachel start spending too much time together for Quinn’s liking.  Same with Will and Emma, and Ken.  New Directions performs for the whole school for the first time, and it has unexpected consequences.  Plus, Lea Michele KILLS a Rihanna song, and Matt Morrison is adorable in his Kanye West greatness. Is that enough of a teaser for you?  How about Jane Lynch at her Sue Sylvester best?  Or the cast being just awesome in general?  When I saw this episode at Comic Con, I literally laughed so hard that I cried!  So take that as you will, and TUNE IN TONIGHT (if you happen to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE first, I wouldn’t be against it)!!!