Mondays this fall

MondayI am a huge fan of schedules and color coding and highlighting and planning, and I love everything about planning the new fall season, DVR recording wise (when it comes down to actually watching the shows, that’s where I struggle).  Throughout the week, I will breakdown what I’m watching day by day (cue “Godspell”).  Don’t worry – as we get closer to each premiere, I’ll give a little insight into what I liked, what I disliked, and why you should or shouldn’t tune in! Follow the jump for the details on what I’m watching, what I’m not, and what I wish would just be canceled already!

At 8:00

Dancing With the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Heroes (NBC), House (FOX), One Tree Hill (CW), Lincoln Heights (ABC Fam)

For me, it’s all about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and HOUSE.  HEROES should be done.  ONE TREE HILL should be done.  DANCING WITH THE STARS doesn’t hurt anyone, but I still won’t watch, and LINCOLN HEIGHTS has just never caught my attention.

At 8:30

Same as above, but Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) instead of HIMYM

I’ll give ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE a chance.  I’ve seen the pilot a few times now, and I don’t hate it (more in the CBS pilot breakdown coming in the next few weeks), so it’s worthy of a second episode view.  I’ll tell you what, though, after watching it with Ducky and Kath this weekend, we’re all kind of in agreement that this is going to be huge!

At 9:00

Still Dancing With the Stars (ABC), Two and a Half Men (CBS), Trauma (NBC), Lie to Me (FOX), Gossip Girl (CW), Greek (ABC Fam)

As you can see in the picture, I’m recording a lot here – again, skipping DWTS and it really irks me that 2.5 MEN is still on (and still being nominated for stuff).  TRAUMA’s pilot wasn’t terrible.  Not my cup of tea, but I’m going to give it a looksee, decide in a few weeks if it stays or if it goes.  I got totally back into GOSSIP GIRL at the end of last season (it’s my guilty pleasure), so that’s in.  And who can get through a week without GREEK?  I’ll catch that either online or in reruns throughout the week!

At 9:30

Same as above, but The Big Bang Theory (CBS) instead of 2.5 Men

I will absolutely be watching THE BIG BANG THEORY.  It’s one of my favorite comedies from the past few years, and I cannot wait to see where they go next!  Some of the storylines that Bill Prady told me they would be exploring are a little frightening, but I have faith that this is going to be huge this year!

At 10:00

Castle (ABC), CSI: Miami (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC), Local / Repeats everywhere else

For me, 10:00 is wide open – I’ll only tune in to CASTLE.  Nothing against CSI: MIAMI really, I just never cared enough to watch.  I’m absolutely avoiding THE JAY LENO SHOW, but good luck to him.

What about you?  What are you watching?