TNT Tuesday: Weddings, Vartan, and GRACE

TNT TuesdayTune into tonight’s all new Tuesday TV on TNT (see what I did there – alliteration for the win) for some great drama, doctors, nurses, weddings, horrific car accidents, angels, demons, and a little bit of everyone’s favorite CIA handler (ALIAS reference)!

Starting at 8, WEDDING DAY tells the tale of a couple who had unfortunate situations keep from them having their dream wedding.  With the help of family and friends, the couple is thrown a lavish party to celebrate their love!  In the first episode, we learn about Holli and Steve – four days before their wedding day in 2007, Holli was in a terrible car accident that left her in a 6-day coma.  Steve had to stop working in order to help her through the recovery.  I literally started crying 6 minutes into the episode!  Oh, and there’s a musical guest surprise that really made me happy.  It’s like Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition, and if you need a good heartwarming story, check it out! 

Jada Pinkett Smith stars in TNT’s next new series, HawthoRNe.  Pinkett Smith plays Christina Hawthorne, the chief nursing officer with a stubborn but sensitive attitude.  Surrounded by friends (Suleka Mathew from MEN IN TREES is her best friend; Michael Vartan from ALIAS is an old friend and the chief of medicine) and foes (the fabulous Anne Ramsey as a doctor who decides nurses aren’t worth her time), Christina also needs to deal with the patients, and her own daughter, a rebellious teen.  Throw in an hate-filled mother-in-law and you’ve got it!  Great cast, but the writing isn’t 100% there yet.  I think this show has a chance to be on par with THE CLOSER and the next new show SAVING GRACE versus TRUST ME, but I’m going to wait to watch a few more episodes before I decide!

Closing out the night is the third season premiere of my favorite cop drama SAVING GRACE.  When we left our friends in OK City, Grace’s shared spirit Leon Cooley had been put to death, and Grace has a new woman occupying her thoughts.  There’s a new angel in town this season, too, who tries his hardest to sway Grace and her friends over to his side, to cast Earl aside in favor of his showy ways.  What I love about this show is that these are some of the most flawed characters on TV and that they don’t hold anything back!  Grace is a drunk, who sleeps with married men and falls in love with them, but she’s a damn good cop, and no one questions that.  She has a great group of friends who all have issues.  It just seems like they are having such an amazing time together, regardless of the gruesome murder at their feet.  It’s never too late to find this show and fall for it like I did!