Catching up with the ARMY WIVES

armywives_season3After what seems like forever, ARMY WIVES is back with new writers and showrunners, but the same old stuff that keeps us crying week after week!  A lot went down in the season finale of the second year, so there is a lot of ground to cover in the premiere – let’s check in with our favorite wives, and see where they stand, shall we?

Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney, seated in the middle) – Having lost her daughter Amanda in the bombing of The Hump Bar, CJ is slowly trying to keep her family from falling apart.  Michael (her hubby played by Brian McNamara, standing behind her) is making plans to take a job with NATO in Brussels, which sends their surviving daughter Emmalin (Katelyn Pippy) in the run with her boyfriend Logan (VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Paul Wesley). 

Denise (Catherine Bell, standing, behind Kim Delaney) – Denise and Frank (Terry Serpico, standing to her left) had quietly agreed to a trial separation, with him off on the front line with their son Jeremy (Richard Bryant).  While he was away, Denise, a nurse, found herself falling for another man, a patient at the hospital.  The premiere starts with Denise dealing with all of the fallout of that act that no one understands.

Roxie (Sally Pressman, seated on the left) – Roxie took over The Hump Bar after Betty died, and suddenly, out of nowhere, she was forced to deal with sharing the lease with Betty’s nephew, played by the incredible Ivan Sergei.  Having Trevor (Drew Fuller, farthest left) home has made things easier on Roxie, but she still needs to figure out her place.  The Hump Bar is the main focus of her storyline in the first two episodes, and it’s quite clear what path she’s taking.

Pamela (Brigid Brannagh, seated far right) – After a tirade on her radio station leaves it in the hands of another woman (the horrible Jennifer who has a horrible husband named Evan), the first two episodes of the season show her having trouble deciding what to do with herself.  She’s starting a class for dealing with being an Army wife, and it seems like she has her head on straight. Her hubby (Chase, played by Jeremy Davidson, all the way on the right), isn’t around right now, but we’ll see him soon enough!

Roland (Sterling K Brown) – Roland and Joan (Wendy Davis, next to Sterling, third from left) have a beautiful baby girl that he is left to take care of while Joan is on duty.  Having lost her position to the horrid Evan, Joan found out that she is to deploy in three months.  Once a renowned psychiatrist, Roland is continuing to struggle with his status as an “army wife” and wants to be known for standing on his own two feet, a story which leads to some great stuff in the first 2 ‘sodes of the season!

Say what people will about the fact that the writing staff changed, this show continues to be one of the most comforting shows on TV – you can turn it on, forget about your life for a minute, and complete relate to these men and women.  Check out all new episodes starting on Lifetime Sunday.