GREEK The Set Visit: Part 1, Scott Michael Foster talks CAPPIE!

Dilshad, Amrie, Scott

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter or know me at all, you know that a little over a month ago, I had the incredible opportunity (thanks to Daniel at The TV Addict and the folks at ABC Family) to visit the set of GREEK.  Along for the trip were Kath, Rae, Daniel, the team from ABC Family, the wonderful creator Sean Smith, the stunningly beautiful Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca Logan), and the most awesome Scott Michael Foster (CAPPIE!)!

In honor of another fantstic episode of the show, and as we near the end of the season, I wanted to share Part 1 of a three part series of interviews from the set.  After a tour through the set, with Sean, Dilshad, and Scott giving us little details, we settled down in the backyard of the Kappa Tau house for some one on one time!  Scott and I vegged out on a ratty old sofa and talked what’s coming up, why people watch the show, and where he stands on the Cappie with Casey relationship!

I was just saying that this is one of the only shows that my sister and I sit down and talk about and love .  One of our common bonds.

And I think that it totally resonates with people.  What is it about this show that makes people love it so much?
I have no idea [laughs].  I don’t know.  Honestly, for me, doing the show from the pilot, and season by season, and hearing that people still love it and watch it, and the numbers keep growing,

And people keep finding it,
And you know what, to be honest, our network doesn’t advertise us at all practically.  There was a while where our posters were all over malls, but really, not a lot of advertising for a show.  The cast doesn’t get to do big publcitiy and stuff.  We’re still not that recognizable.  For some reason, there are always people that just care about the show.

The characters all have late teen / early 20s flaws, things about them. A lot of people know what it’s like to worry about their freshman year of college; a lot of people know what’s it like to worry about their senior year and beyond.  I think the show does that so well!
Well thank you! 

And the cast is so open, every time I talk to one of you guys.  It’s a different world, and I love that.
Well, thanks, we have a good time!  For a lot of us, it’s one of the first big gigs, so we’re always really happy to get the show going, and to help the show out.  We’re always really grateful of people who want to support it, like you guys coming out here to talk about it.  For us, this is a dream job, so why not?

Did you have a normal college experience?
You know what, no.  I went to college for a semester but it was a community college and I was just there taking an acting class.  So my college experience was very small.  I knew people that were in fraternities and sororities, and I’ve been to fraternity and sorority parties, but honestly, I learned about the actual Greek system because of the show.  What the [yawns], I’m sorry, I keep yawning, I was up late last night, rockin with my band!  That’s how a lot of us learned about it.  Because of the show. 

How much say do you have on what goes into your character?
We don’t have much.  Honestly, but I’m not sure anybody wants to change anything.  They write it, I say the lines. I’ve had some directors where I’m like, listen, I have to change this, I just know that the wording wouldn’t be right.  There are some writers who I don’t even think are with us anymore, some writers would write episodes and I just could not memorize it.  For some reason, I could not memorize, it didn’t make sense in my brain that the line was that way.  I was like, this whole monologue would make so much more sense if I flipped it and I did this and they were like, no, this is the way I wrote it.  So I would do it their way, and it would end up being fine, but for me, it’s like, all the other writers that we have on the show, they all get how we do our stuff, so we don’t have to be like, hey can we change this? 

I talked to Spencer a few months ago, and we joked because you’ve had like 1 year of school has taken place over a few seasons, and I wondered how difficult is it to like, remember where you are.
Oh it’s ridiculously hard!  I don’t remember anything.  I just forgot that she was in Washington DC for her internship.  It was like, so where are we now?  We had just come back from the summer, which means that we’ve only been through 1 full year.  But we’ve been airing since 2007.  It’s bizarre. 

What can you tease about what’s coming up?
You know, like I said, it’s kind of hard to remember because we’ve been done for a while, but I think what happens, you saw that Max and Cappie decided that they’re not going to be friends.  It becomes a lot harder for Cappie and Casey to have to work together in these classes they have because they’re spending a lot of time together and they’re not together. 

They totally should be…
Yeah, they should be together, but they’re not.  They’re spending a lot of time together, and she has a boyfriend, and he wants her, but they’re not together, so they decide to just not spend time with each other.

There comes a point in most relationships like that where you have to make that decision.
You just have to cut it off!  So they just decide, let’s just not even see each other because it’s hard.  You’ll see in the finale, it’ll kind of explode.

Are you a Cappie/Casey fan as a viewer?
I am, personally.  It’s like, the people you see that aren’t together, but you know they’re going to be.  It’s stupid that they’re not. It’s just how I see those characters.  These are characters in a show, and the writers know that, and they’re going to do something about it.

So your band, Siren’s Eye; what’s happening with it?
We actually haven’t been out in a while because I’ve been shooting the show.  Since I’ve had the time off from the show these last couple months, we’ve had time to get back together and write, and have time to practice and stuff.  We’ll get a show together soon, and get some songs on iTunes.

Excellent, my kind of stuff!
Well, I’m glad you liked it!

Stay tuned next week for a look into the differences between Rebecca Logan and Dilshad Vadsaria.  And then stay tuned to the week following (the week of the FINALE) for my chat with Sean Smith!