It's GLEE day! Interview with Cory Monteith

Cory MonteithIt’s GLEE day on FOX – can you stand it?  GLEE is the story of a Spanish teacher, Will Scheuster (Broadway’s Matthew Morrison) who takes over for Sandy Ryerston, who was forced out after some allegations of impropriety.  What happens over the next hour, in an effort to not over hype this show, is one of the greatest hours of TV I’ve seen in a long time. 

Though the club is full of misfits and outcasts that can really sing, when Will hears Finn (played by the lovely Cory Monteith) singing in the locker room, he puts a plan in motion that requires Finn to join the club, in an effort to have the “cool kids” soon follow.  Spring Awakening’s Lea Michele is brilliant in the role of Rachel Berry, and she blows everyone out of the water with her pipes. 

At the heart, this show is a little bit dark, and sad, but charmingly delightful all in one!  I had the chance to talk to Cory Monteith over the weekend for a little insight into his character!

What about the character of Finn made you want to play him?
Finn has a sort of honest affability that is really nice to play, and the comedy that comes from his “athletic mind” is usually hilarious!

What can viewers expect from the Pilot and from the episodes that we’re going to see in the Fall?
A lot more quirk than I think a primetime audience is used to…let’s call it a “satirical comedy with an honest heart”. Sort of like a hooker with a heart of gold. But with singing!

Why do you think people should tune in Tuesday night to see the show?
Because, simply put: this show makes you feel good. And I think it’s high time for that on TV right now, with all these crime dramas and procedurals, etc…That, and the scripts keep getting better and better.

What shows would you compare it to / what is a misconception about GLEE that new viewers might have going in?
I’d compare it to FAME meets the movie ELECTION, with a bit of FREAKS AND GEEKS on the side. Most common misconception is that this is trying to rip off HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!  Quite the contrary, as this show really isn’t a musical at all.  It’s a comedy show with singing. Rules apply to when you can sing and dance, which keeps the tone of the show realistic.

Is there a song that you guys haven’t gotten to do yet that you think would be perfect?
We’ve covered a lot of ground so far, I’m so impressed with Ryan Murphy’s ability to zero in on the music he wants to use so efficiently.  We’re only halfway done Season One, and we’ve produced 37 tracks, so I think this show will always keep us guessing. I’d love to sing some Rufus Wainwright, but I think it’s a bit out of character… the show could really use some Air Supply in my opinion. Or Styx. 😀

Will we see more of your drumming like we do a little bit in the pilot?
Yes. Hopefully a lot more, too! I love playing on the show!

What shows are you watching these days – is there any season finale that blew your mind?
I know it’s sacrilegious, but I hardly have time to watch anything these days..

What else do you have coming up besides Glee?
From what I hear, “Glee On Ice” is in future consideration, and we’re not even on the TV yet!!


GLEE airs a special preview tonight after AMERICAN IDOL – don’t forget to tune in.  You’ll love it!!!