BONES Season Finale tonight (slightly spoilery pics)!

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Tonight’s the season finale of BONES and I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to this season.  What shouldn’t have worked (rotating interns to replace Zach) worked beautifully, and the tension and admiration that grew between Booth and Bones was fantastic.  With everything that is scheduled to happen tonight (in an episode “with a twist”), I’m looking more forward to this than any other Thursday night show (including THE OFFICE).

  • What did you think? I’m beyond horrified that any one associated with the show would think that loyal viewers would like this episode. I didn’t even watch the entire thing. After 15 minutes I fast forwarded to the ending only to be made more mad. AND THE DARN DVR CUT OFF! Even my mother called and asked me if that was the finale because it was so bad.

  • Oh my God I thought it was terrible! I was terribly bored! I can’t fathom why this was their finale. I need to break up with Bones for a while…