Nathan Fillion wants you to watch CASTLE!

castle-2In tonight’s all new episode of CASTLE, airing on ABC tonight after the premiere of the “comedy” SURVIVING SUBURBIA, Beckett goes out of her comfort zone to attend a charity ball with Castle, in an effort to catch the masterminds behind some fatal robberies in some higher-end homes.  In anticipation of what looks to be a fantastic new episode, Nathan Fillion and I had a little chat to talk about where he stands on the show, where he thinks ABC stands on the show, and what is coming up to look forward to in future episodes!

Have you been hearing from fans, gauging their feedback on how the show is doing in their eyes? 
You know, most of the people I hear from are friends and family.  People who are watching the show, who are already invested in me.  Obviously, they’re going to be biased, which I think is probably the best kind of feedback you’re going to get.  Very, very biased, pro-ME feedback.  It’s my favorite kind!

I think that’s everybody’s favorite kind!  What has the network reaction been?  What are you hearing from them?
One of the greatest things has been the show of support that ABC has given us even before we started airing, with all the push that they’ve given our show. I’ve never had a billboard before.  There were billboards in New York City and Times Square.  There was a billboard on the ABC building next to my old apartment, between where I used to work and where I used to live on Columbus avenue.  There’s a big poster of my face, all my friends from my old soap opera are seeing it all the time, and cheering me on.  Just the ads, ads, ads on TV, showing CASTLE.  They’ve been so supportive.  I’ve never seen the like.  I’ve never seen that much support.  Just that show of faith, even before we started airing, it’s fantastic.  And then of course, the amazing timeslot they gave us.  They didn’t bury us on a Friday night.  They put us right behind their number 1 show, which is a real show of a faith, and very much appreciated.

What can we expect going forward, now that we’ve seen a few episodes?
Hijinx! Hijinx, awesomeness. Handsome.  Pretty. Funny.  And heart.  I’ll say this.  There’s a lot of crime procedurals out there right now, and they do very well.  CASTLE certainly takes a much lighter angle.  But also, has moments where we can definitely invest in the characters, and see who these people really are.  Struck with different circumstances.  I’m having a good time, and I believe in CASTLE so that makes my job really easy.

The one scene that really struck me, and the video of the teenager getting shot, you reaction as the character, and it sounds like we’re getting more of the character of Kate reacting to something she’s dealt with, so we are definitely getting more invested in the characters!
Absolutely.  Like I said, we are taking a much lighter angle on murder.  We’re making murder as light as we can without making fun.  Murder obviously matters to someone, and you’re going to have these moments where we see it.  Castle is driven by the story, he’s very driven by the story, but Kate Beckett is driven by tragedy.  We’re going to learn a little more about Kate Beckett, and her history, and what makes her tick, and I think that’s extremely important. And you get those moments like you were talking about where Castle sees the video of the kids getting shot. Clearly his reaction is that of a father.  He is a father.  He’s very serious about that.  He’s relaxed about it, but he’s very serious about it.  He loves, truly loves, his daughter, and his mother.

Don’t forget to watch tonight at 10 on ABC.

  • Jody

    Great interview. I love him so. And I’m really enjoying Castle. I’m not much of a procedural watcher so the lighter side is what keeps me coming back.

  • lindag8r

    Love the show! I have been a fan since Firefly, and am thrilled to see you have been given another series. The character chemistry on Castle is what gives the show some meat and keeps bringing the family back each week! We hear the show is on the bubble for renewal (What?!!!), so we have been voting on the Save Our Show site on Castle’s behalf. Thanks for giving us something cool to watch!