Thursday TV: The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY BETTY

Tonight’s TV schedule is all kinds of crazy, and I’m making it my mission to watch as much as possible and still get to bed in time to get up early and go to the gym by 6AM tomorrow.

In the 8 o’clock hour…..
ugly-bettyYou guys.  Confession time.  I’m still watching UGLY BETTY.  It was once one of my favorite shows on TV (couldn’t miss season 1) and now, I’m almost in pain to get through it.  I love Michael Urie and Becky Newton.  I would watch a spinoff starring Marc and Amanda.  And if Hilda (Ana Ortiz) stopped by once in a while, I’d be happy.  But I really don’t like anything else.  After years of working at a fashion magazine, Betty still doesn’t realize that she looks RIDICULOUS?  I mean, get rid of the glasses or the braces or something.  It’s just dumb.  In tonight’s all new episode, Daniel wants to give Claire a great birthday party, but things, naturally, go awry when Betty gets involved.  Elsewhere, Daniel is jealous of Conner and lets it affect him and Molly, while Wilhelmina does her best to grapple with her true feelings for Conner.  Also, Ignacio has a (not-so) shocking secret he’s keeping from the fam!

TOCANTINAOn the other side of the fence, we have the season premiere of SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS on CBS and I cannot wait!!  You know I love SWV, right?  Have I mentioned that?  Well, Taj Johnson-George, former member of the group, is who I’m rooting for this season.  This season is all about the blindside, according to host Jeff Probst.  And look for a “first-impression” vote to throw a wrench into the usual opening acts.  Season 17 really has me on a positive SURVIVOR kick, so I can’t wait to see Season 18 play out!

Also on in the hour, NBC’s losing steam MY NAME IS EARL and the dreadful KATH AND KIM.  SMALLVILLE is in repeats and BONES is offair (again) for the NAACP Image awards.

Crossover Event (for real, this time, ABC) –
grey_515_pricrossover_02Addison, Sam, and Naomi from Oceanside Wellness on PRIVATE PRACTICE make their way to Seattle Grace to have Derek treat Addison’s brother Archer for his parasite on GREY’S ANATOMY.  In the second hour of the “event”, Bailey and Naomi work together, while Addison takes an interest in Derek’s pregnant neuro patient (the lovely Jennifer Westfeldt).  Not everyone is involved in the big crossover event – on GREY’S Owen deals with a mystery woman from his past (Laura Allen) and Izzie plays a game with the interns, again.  Over on PP, Cooper, Violet, and Pete work together to help a mother with PPSD.

the-office-michael-scottA crossover I’d love to see?  The team from THE OFFICE heading into NYC for a meet up with the folks from 30 ROCK.  Tonight on THE OFFICE, we get the conclusion to last week’s episode on the Lecture Circuit.  Michael and Pam make the quick decision to head to Holly’s office! Meanwhile, the party planning committee is still facing problems.  And our friends at 30 ROCK are celebrating Valentine’s Day with guest stars Jon Hamm and Salma Hayek.

Also on at 9 – CSI.  SUPERNATURAL is a rerun and FOX has the NAACP Image Awards all night.

The rest of the evening –
It’s all GREY’S all night, as Ellis Grey (Mer’s mom, Kate Burton) guest stars on ELEVENTH HOUR as Jacob’s nemesis Gepetto.  ER is also on, but I haven’t watched for about 12 years.

So what are you guys watching?