ljIn a move that should honestly shock no one, NBC has pulled the plug on production of two of its “hits” as it were.  LIPSTICK JUNGLE (which maybe never should have seen a season 2) and MY OWN WORST ENEMY (a show that, admittedly, I enjoyed) were given the old heave-ho late Wednesday.

I was surprised that LIPSTICK JUNGLE made it back to NBC this season.  With CASHMERE MAFIA getting a quick death over at ABC, I thought for sure NBC would follow suit.  Instead, they ship FNL over to DirecTV and leave us with LJ in an attempt to get that “female” crowd they’ve been lacking.  The final nail in this coffin was the Friday Night death slot, am I right?

cs1A part of me feels the need to blame HEROES for the downward spiral of MY OWN WORST ENEMY.  Hear me out – if HEROES hadn’t taken a creative flight down, then maybe more people would have stayed on, leading to even a few more eyeballs for MOWE?  But that’s just my take.

What do you think?  Are you disappointed or is this just par for the course in a TV world where shows don’t get a chance (or are given a chance but not promoted)?

  • Just Jody

    I watched the first ep. of MOWE and then quit because it had cancelled written all over it.

    I was actually enjoying LJ this season… not so much that I care that it’s cancelled or anything, but it was filling the chick TV fluff quota for me.