Fall TV 2008: Friday

I have a confession to make – I love TV but I don’t make a point to skip Friday nights out with the gang in order to watch it.  Most of my “Friday night viewing” happens Saturday morning.  I feel so much better now that it’s off my chest.  Here’s the plan for Fridays this fall:

I’m definitely recording CRUSOE and LIFE on NBC.  CRUSOE looks really interesting and LIFE was my favorite new show (besides PUSHING DAISIES) last year.  I think the CW comedies (EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS and THE GAME) have really found their stride and enjoy tuning in.  I also liked (even though no one I’ve spoken with has) THE EX LIST.  Any show with Eric “Freaking” Balfour in the pilot is fine by me ha!  And I started getting into NUMB3RS last year so I’ll probably continue the trend of TiVoing that for lazy day viewing.  Everything else (Love Hewitt, I think we could be friends, but I cannot stand your show) is a big old pass!