Fall TV 2008: Mondays and Tuesdays

Yesterday, the Fall TV season started, and I was not prepared at all.  It just didn’t seem right that new shows are up and running, when I have had barely any time to recover from all of the summer TV!

Since I was out of commission yesterday with family picnics, I want to cover Monday and Tuesday in one fell swoop.  Here’s what’s on my schedule for this new season. 


Mondays are a crazy night for me – it’s “TV night with Dad” at my parents’ house, so I trek over there to watch PRISON BREAK and SARAH CONNOR live.  Depending on my mood and my Fantasy Teevee schedule, I watch CBS’ first hour or NBC’s first hour.  Everything else gets put on the DVR for later or skipped all together.  I’m sorry to the TWO AND A HALF MEN, BOSTON LEGAL, and CSI: MIAMI fans.  I just can’t do it – can’t watch them!  And WORST WEEK was my least favorite pilot.  I can’t put my finger on it, just something off…

Follow the jump for TUESDAYS!


Tuesdays used to be my busy night, but it looks like I’ll be okay this year.  Definitely watching FRINGE and HOUSE live.  Loved the pilot of FRINGE, so I can’t wait to see more episodes!  I’m definitely looking forward to Simon Baker in THE MENTALIST.  The pilot was intriguing and fast paced and smart.  I cannot wait to see what they do with the rest of the season.  I’m watching 90210 out of curiosity, and I will definitely be checking out PRIVILEGED because (and I keep repeating myself here), I think it’s going to be a surprise hit for The CW.  Tuesdays at 10 are suddenly the place to be with 4 fantastic shows all competing for my love.  ELI STONE takes the cake – I’ll be watching him and his merry gang live.  WITHOUT A TRACE, SVU, and THE SHIELD will all be “watch them when I can get to them on the DVR”.  I love JD Roth but don’t see the need to watch his latest show (OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS), I don’t watch NCIS (though I’m considering changing the color for it to orange after a recommendation from a good friend) or THE BIGGEST LOSER.  And I can find out who got kicked off of DWTS the next morning all over the internet.

Tune in tomorrow for my Wednesday breakdown.

Head on over to The TV Addict or TVaholic for instructions on how to download your own printable fall schedules!