Thursday Night TV

I am going through sleep deprivation.  Curses NBC.  Must you keep me up for hours with promise of exciting live coverage, every night?  It’s ruining my sleeping routine!

On the Big 5 Networks:

ABC:  Reruns of UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, and PRIVATE PRACTICE.  Who hopes that all three of those shows have a fantastic rebirth in September and wow us all?

CBS:  A new BIG BROTHER (who do you think is going home?) is on before a rerun of CSI and a new episode of FLASHPOINT.  I’m only one episode behind on FLASHPOINT.

NBC:  Nothing new here – it’s The Olympics!  Tonight, Michael Phelps goes for number 12 (against his pal Ryan Lochte in the 200m IM).  Aaron Peirsol ALSO completes against teammate Ryan Lochte tonight in the 200m Back.  We have a few women’s swims, too.  I’m excited about the Women’s all around competition tonight – hopefully Shawn and Nastia can kick some tail and tonight’s competition will be more exciting and less scary than last night’s. 

CW:  Rerun of SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL (Ghostfacers, yes!!  I loved this episode).  You can find some premiere pictures for SUPERNATURAL here and here.

FOX:  Exhibition NFL football.  Go Eagles!

On the basic cable channels:

MTV:  Another episode of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW.  This is my second favorite dance-themed reality show on TV, so I’m excited that our new DVR box has some room to record it! 

Bravo: KATHY GRIFFIN: MY LIFE ON THE D LIST airs the fourth season finale.  This episode finds her doing some much needed stand up for wounded soldiers.

USA Network: Michael Westen and I should be best friends.  Tune in tonight for a new episode of BURN NOTICE, my favorite summer show.  Michael and co. try to stop some embezzling in the hip-hop world.  Please let Bruce Campbell try to rap.  Please.

What are you all watching tonight?