Busy Weekend of TV…

Remind me never to go away for two weeks and leave my poor little TiVo to do all the work for me!  I am sad to say that I am still not caught up on the TV I missed while I was gallivanting in San Diego and dogsitting for friends in the woods of Southest PA!

Here is what I’m catching up on this weekend:

I love THE CLOSER on TNT.  It’s one of the smartest dramas I’ve ever seen.  Kyra Sedgwick is fantastic and the rest of the team all bring so much to the table.  I love Flynn and Provenza.  I am so far behind on what could have possibly happened between Daniels and Gabriel.  I love the idea that Brenda and Fritz had a huge blow up fight (I know this thanks to previews).  But I have quite a few episodes that I need to sit down and take care of or my TiVo is going to stop recording!


I am also a huge fan of SAVING GRACE.  I didn’t watch the first season, but I tuned into the season premiere and LOVED it.  But that’s the only episode I’ve been able to watch this season!  What is up with Ham and Grace?  Has Earl come back and forgiven Grace for whatever happened with Father Satan?  How did Grace’s nephew handle being a junior explorer or whatever?  There are so many questions and I just can’t answer them yet!



The team from Sterling Cooper probably misses me!  I was able to watch the first episode of MAD MEN’s Season 2, but haven’t caught last week’s second episode.  I am so intrigued by everything show has to offer.  The attitudes, the interactions, the blatant sexism.  It’s fascinating.  And Jon Hamm is like #4 on my “leave your significant other and marry me” list.  I love being taken away into a whole other world for an hour, and this show does that!


I thought it was hilarious yesterday on the phone (Shaun OMac’s radio show) when Jason from TVaholic mentioned that IN PLAIN SIGHT wants so desperately to be a great show but that it doesn’t follow its own rules.  It’s such a good point that I haven’t heard made before.  That doesn’t stop me from wanting to catch up on the 4 episodes of the series that I have backlogged on the DVR.  I really like Mary McCormack and I enjoy her interactions with Fred Weller (Marshall).  Fingers crossed that I’ll enjoy what I watch!


I am a huge fan of MONK.  I feel terrible that I haven’t had the drive and/or time to keep up to date with the season.  I loved the Brad Garrett episode.  I know there are a lot of people out there that think this show has overstayed it’s welcome, but that doesn’t stop me from loving Tony Shalhoub and what he has to offer.  I also love his interaction with the team, and I’m dying to see if we ever get the Natalie/Randy love that I think is eventually destined to be.  And how is Hector Elizondo doing as Monk’s new therapist?  So many questions!





I’ve seen the pilot episode of FLASHPOINT.  And I’ve watched parts of the second episode.  But that’s it.  And I love Enrico Colantoni (check out this interview I did with him for seat42f.com).  So I need to catch up on this show!  Hugh Dillon was fantastic in the pilot, so I can only imagine his character has gotten more interesting as episodes have gone on.  Can’t wait to see how this plays out!






I cannot believe that PSYCH wasn’t the first show I caught up on.  I love Shawn and Gus.  I love Cybil as Shawn’s mom.  I love Henry and Lassiter and Jules.  And even the captain gets some great one-liners in there.  I saw the season premiere and then caught parts of the Rachel Leigh Cook episode, but other than that, completely out of the loop!  Though I listed it here last, I might need to make sure I watch these episodes first, because I miss my witty best friend banter fix!



I’m tempted to pull the TV up to the window, and watch it through there, so I can attempt to get some sort of tan before I head back to California at the end of the month, but I’m not sure that’s even possible!  Wish me luck!