Quick Take: THE DETOUR S2 on TBS is still amazing

TBS’ THE DETOUR was the biggest surprise for me last season among a 5-comedy surprise that was their whole line-up of new shows. The Jason Jones / Natalie Zea comedy followed the misadventures of The Parker family after a vacation is derailed by Nate’s (Jones) secret unemployment and plan for revenge. As they made their way from upstate New York to Florida, by van, each week chronicled a new misstep while Nate faced scrutiny in a windowless-room. The big surprise at the end of the season was that maybe Natalie Zea’s Robin had a few of her own secrets up her sleeve.

Season 2 kicks off tonight at 10/9c with two hilarious episodes that follow the Parkers’ new adventure in New York City, as Nate starts a new job working for James Cromwell’s semi-insane new character. This time, Robin’s in the windowless hot-seat, as the search into her past has her answering questions from Laura Benanti. I laughed out loud no less than 8 times in the first 2 episodes.  Jason Jones and Natalie Zea have amazing chemistry and comedic timing. Their kids are so good – Delilah’s (Ashley Gerasimovich) struggle to make a new friend is perfect and Jared, er, Jareb (Liam Carroll) continues to be a friggin delight. I wish I could binge all episodes of S2 right now.

Do yourselves a favor – if you missed S1, get caught up and then watch S2. If you liked S1, watch S2. You can thank me later!