Marvel Is Kung Fu Fighting with IRON FIST

Marvel’s crop of streaming exclusives for Netflix have been a big hit that have expanded the reach of the Marvel Cinematic Universe well beyond the big screen. With the ability to have the creative freedom often only afforded by premium cable channels, the company can tell new tales of less well-known heroes without the same stakes of a big-budget motion picture. As a result, the publisher has managed to make typically second-tier characters like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones into household names—and now they’re looking to add a new hero to the list with IRON FIST.

Marvel has been teasing the character’s debut since the finale of LUKE CAGE and we’re little more than a month away from the show’s premiere. Comic book aficionados may recognize Iron Fist for his partnership with Luke Cage as “Heroes for Hire,” but to casual observers, he’s likely less familiar (not unlike Jessica Jones or Luke Cage). Of course, that’s exactly what Marvel is hoping to change. The company has managed to completely resuscitate characters like Daredevil and Elektra while making the aforementioned Jones and Cage into reasonably well-known heroes.

Given the continued success of Marvel on Netflix, it’s incredible that they haven’t looked to capitalize even more from the new-found popularity of characters typically kept on the back burner. With its focus on martial arts brawling, even a basic side-scrolling beat-em-up for mobile devices would likely be a hit. However, Marvel has yet to take full advantage of any of its Netflix shows. DAREDEVIL was another series that built a strong fanbase, and it was buoyed by terrific atmosphere and white-knuckle action that seems tailor-made for a simple game. But, again, nothing has materialized. The closest fans have gotten to a game based on one of the Netflix shows is an online title featuring “The Man Without Fear” where players can run the streets of New York City with the sightless superhero. The game is a comic book spin on a casino slot reel that features many of the heroes and villains from the Daredevil universe. And while it’s a perfectly fun distraction, it’s unable to provide fans with the kind of action-packed experience they’ve been looking for. With IRON FIST putting even more of an emphasis on martial arts action, it would behoove Marvel to give fans what they want with a tie-in video game.

IRON FIST looks like it might be craziest action series from Marvel and Netflix yet. The full trailer for the show was recently released and it’s looking like a massive, kung-fu extravaganza that will be on par with what fans have come to expect from Marvel’s streaming shows. The trailer confirms that Rand is the last of the Netflix super-team, THE DEFENDERS, to arrive. And if they’re unwilling to make a solo game for the hero, they really need to be willing to do an ensemble title for the whole team.

All of the Netflix shows have been building toward THE DEFENDERS, and IRON FIST is the final piece of the puzzle. With 13 episodes planned for the first season, the show will cover a lot of ground and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few appearances from the other heroes. IRON FIST will be available for streaming on March 17, 2017.