After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Mirror Mirror”

CHICAGO MED — “Mirror Mirror” Episode 212 — Pictured: Eddie Jemison as Stanley Stohl — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Mirror Mirror”

Med is going through promo day; cameras follow Dr. Stohl around seeing patients. A young man comes in with irregularities with his heart. Everything seems to be backwards. However, they work through his condition to reset his heart rate back to normal. He will need to go through surgery to ensure the heart will not spike again.
Will is irritated with the cameras constantly in patient’s room and taping everyone’s emotions. Ariel, a teenage girl had to be pulled out of school for a meltdown. Ariel’s mom, Laura is irritated thinking her daughter is faking her symptoms. Ariel has been seen by multiple doctors with no results.

Reese tries to go through her first therapy session. However, she does not see the sessions as therapy, but as a learning experience. Their next patient, Ray, a young Hispanic man comes in with extreme pain. He doesn’t want anyone touching him, but tests will need to be run to determine the diagnosis. Dr. Stohl sees a patient with some sinus pain; doesn’t see excitement for the camera and dismisses the patient. Will goes against orders and wants more tests run on the patient. In another room, Clarke sees what’s causing Ray so much pain. There is a gun lodged in the patient’s rectum. Security is called and everyone is ushered out of the room. Ray insists he doesn’t know how the gun got up there.

Dr. Choi insists he and Clarke can sedate Ray and maneuver the gun out. They both have weapons training and believe themselves to be the best candidates. CPD will also be called to provide body armor for anyone involved. Dr. Charles is asked to speak with Ariel about her multiple symptoms. She doesn’t have any positive tests to point to a specific issue. Maggie gives an update to Will about the sinus patient, Mr. Maculsky; Will decides to run more tests against Dr. Stohl’s initial dismissal. In another room, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Latham do a practice run for the pending heart surgery. Dr. Latham is frustrated with the procedure, convinced Rhodes is trying to undermine him. Dr. Latham finally snaps and leaves the training room. His assistant is also frustrated for dealing with Latham for so many years.

Downstairs, Ray’s father convinces his son to withdraw consent to remove the gun. Another problem arises when Ray confesses to trying to sneak the gun into prison for a family member. Since it is a crime, a warrant will now be required to get the gun, because it is evidence. Will and Dr. Stohl go to deliver bad news to Mr. Maculsky. The prognosis is a brain fungal infection; if he goes to surgery there is a good chance he will not survive. Against Will’s wishes, the encounter was taped for the promo. Dr. Latham wants another TMS treatment before doing the surgery to help him be more alert. He feels he cannot trust anyone because he sees the sarcasm and everyone’s hidden messages.

Dr. Charles advises against the treatment for the time and goes downstairs. Ariel is being discharged, but sees a patient going though a seizure and she begins to have similar symptoms. Dr. Charles sees what’s happening and wants her isolated immediately. In another room, Ray is almost free of the gun discomfort. Dr. Choi pulls the gun and a shot goes off hitting Clarke in the shoulder. The shot goes through Ray and he is going up to the operating room. In the isolation room, Dr. Charles does a few exercises and believes Ariel to be suffering from mirror touch synthesis. Essentially, she feels everyone else’s pain as her own. There is no cure, but there are ways for her to manage the symptoms. Her mother is sympathetic for a moment, but will not put aside time for worry.

Jeff is cleaned up and back on the floor like nothing happened. Natalie can’t help but to feel sad they’re not together anymore. Dr. Latham confides in Dr. Rhodes about his recent diagnosis. He is wary of the surgery but hopes he can count on the team to help him succeed. Mr. Maculsky is on his way to surgery with grim hopes. Will hopes the footage will not be used because he convinced the patient to say yes to film. Mr. Maculsky gives permission for the footage in hopes his entire life wouldn’t have been hidden.

At the end of the episode, Laura feels more sympathy for her daughter and wants to help the process. Dr. Latham steps out of his comfort zone to join the other doctors at Molly’s for drinks. Little changes will help him gain a better understanding of his colleagues.

Next week, an eight-year-old boy comes in with side effects from not having chemo. The doctors believe the father is withholding the treatments from his son. His son made the decision to not have chemo anymore. Stay tuned to find out how the doctors at Med will handle the situation.