First Look: THE 100 Season 4 Trailer

So much happened in Season 3 of THE 100, it’s almost impossible to remember it all, but most importantly, Clarke flipped a switch, getting rid of the AI controlling her friends, and in doing so, possibly sentenced everyone to the dangers that A.L.I.E. warned her about.  One year to the day that last year’s trailer dropped, TPTB at The CW have released this years absolutely epic first look at Season 4:

The terrifying and exciting and dark and dangerous and you name it Season 4 kicks off Feb 1 on The CW – have a look at the trailer – what’s your favorite so far?  Angry Monty? Back-To-Good-Guy-Bellamy who is not sacrificing anymore lives? Bald Jaha?  Warrior Octavia?  I’m here for it all!