My Take on…TBS’s new must-watch comedy WRECKED

wrecked-800x450_010620161130Tonight on TBS, the re-invented network that this season has already given us the insane satire ANGIE TRIBECA (now airing S2) and raunchy, family comedy THE DETOUR (the Jason Jones starrer has already been renewed for S2), be sure to check out the series premiere of WRECKED. The show, loosely being labeled as the comedy version of ABC’s hit show LOST, follows the survivors of a downed plane after they land on a deserted island.

From the minds of the young brothers Shipley (Justin and Jordan, two guys who wrote the pilot on spec and are now EPing the 10 ep S1), the pilot follows a diverse cast of characters as they learn to adjust to their new reality.  Zach Cregger is Owen, a flight attendant sick of catering to annoying airplane passengers.  Brian Sacca plays Danny, the one passenger with whom Owen made a connection in the air, and together with Pack (Asif Ali), the three become de factor leaders on the ground.  Friends Florence (Jessica Lowe) and Emma (Ginger Gonzaga) were excited for a girls’ weekend when they end up among the survivors; Jess (Ally Maki) and the insufferable (but funny) Todd (Will Greenberg) are a couple who might just be stuck together after all, even though their relationship isn’t on the best footing.  Brooke Dillman, one of my favorite people on TV (GOOD MORNING MIAMI deserved better) is the INSANE Karen – she is the only one with any survival skills but maybe not a significant amount of SOCIAL skills – while Rhys Darby, hands down the best, plays Steve, the easy-going passenger that is just happy to have people around him.

The show is funny.  Just flat out, laugh out loud funny. The cast is so good.  Fresh faces and familiar ones work together seamlessly.  They are off the wall, they have a great chemistry, and every single person featured adds something to the show.  The stories, though you’d expect a bit of predictability to come from the “how do we survive” of it all, are fresh and exciting: characters find a working phone, but can’t recall any actual phone numbers; a choice between socially correct and flat out dumb entertainment proves an interesting exploration of their new society; a misinterpreted bit of eavesdropping leads to the search for a $1500 golf club; an “island mystery” proves a distraction from the devastation for characters early on. They don’t let you forget that they are here because of a plane crash (and dragging bodies from the fuselage keeps it top of mind), but the humor is enough to keep your mind on better things!

Do yourself a favor – set your DVR, watch tonight’s premiere, and thank me later. TBS is killing it with the comedy these days, and I’m along for the ride!