DVD Review: THE 100 The Complete Second Season

1000525946DVDFLT_17f557cfFor the Ark Survivors on Earth, the alien planet they’ve never known is a mysterious realm – a paradise one moment, lethal the next. Join the stars of this post-apocalyptic drama as they take steps to ensure their futures in the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) release of thrilling THE 100: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on DVD.  Based on the bestselling young adult book by Kass Morgan, and a Top 5 show on The CW with Men 18-49, THE 100: The Complete Second Season will feature all 16 episodes and is available to own on October 13, 2015 for $39.98 SRP.

What’s on the back: “Season Two kicks off with Clarke and her friends trapped inside Mount Weather, a nuclear-hardened underground city where no one is safe, especially THE 100.  When Clarke escapes alone, it sets off a chain of events for our trapped heroes, the adults on the ground and even the Grounders.  Alliances will be made, friendships will be broken and justice will be served.  With everyone fighting for their right to survive, our heroes will have to ask themselves a very important question: How far will you go to save the people you love?  Many will fight, some will die, all will be changed forever, in 16 earth-shattering, action-packed episodes.”

What we think: If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on Season 2 of THE 100 yet, or you’re just looking to re-watch Season 2 before Season 3 starts in 2016, then be sure to get this on DVD now that it’s available!  The set has all 16 episodes and it’s so easy to go one after another, binging the full season before you even known you’ve made it through.  Episodes are dark and gorgeous – the cinematography on the show looks great in this DVD set and adds as much to the show as the great writing and brilliant performances we’re seeing!  You have to own this show on DVD (Blu-Ray comes out later in the month, if you really want to wait)!

Tell me the details!!

Episodes Included:

  • All 16 episodes of Season 2 (Approx 704 min run time)
  • Aspect ratio: 16×9 widescreen format
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • English / French / ESDH subtitles

Special Features (about 75 minutes of extras):

  • The 100: Unlocking the Mountainthe cast and producers take you through Mount Weather and share their insights on the secrets and the events that led to the epic season finale.  I’m always interested in hearing about how shows come together and seeing the cast and crew really dive in gave me a new piece of info that helped me enjoy the finale again on rewatch!
  • The 100 Pre-Viz Stunts featuretteman alive, this cast is put through the wringer on this who, so it’s interesting to see how the stunts are put together, and how the visual effects make it all even better.
  • 2014 Comic Con Panel – relive the huge panel at SDCC 2014!
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Final thoughts: The DVD set looks great – high quality.  It’s the kind of show you need to have on your DVD shelf because it’s an INCREDIBLE series and you don’t want to miss your chance to get in on the conversation!  For more info on the show or additional clips, video, head to the official site for THE 100!