Blu-Ray Review: MAD MEN Season 7 Part 2

MadMen_S7Pt2_BLUMAD MEN The Complete Series is officially available on Blu-Ray and DVD as of October 13. Also, Season Part 2 has officially been reached and here’s a breakdown of what all the final portion of this great release involves!

What’s on the back: “MAD MEN: The Final Season, Part 2 is the end of an era for television’s most celebrated show – four-time Primetime Emmy® winner for Outstanding Drama Series and winner of three consecutive Golden Globes®. Created by Matthew Weinger, the highly anticipated conclusion of the series follows, the for the last time, the complex lives of Don (Golden Globe® [and now, Emmy®] winner Jon Hamm), Peggy, Roger, Joan, Betty, and Pete as their stories come to an end.”

What we think: A gorgeous look back at the final 7 episodes of the series. It’s the perfect chance to spend your final hours with the characters we’ve become so attached to over 7 years in production.  The Blu-Ray contains all of the episodes and some really great special features including audio commentaries that make a re-watch even better.  Definitely worth buying (alone or in the big series set)!

Tell me the details!!

Episodes Included:

  • All 7 episodes of Season 7b (Approx 350 min run time)
  • Aspect ratio: 16×9 widescreen format
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • English / Spanish / ESDH subtitles

Special Features (about 75 minutes of extras):

  • UNMARRIED PROFESSIONAL WOMAN – Scenes from MAD MEN, comparisons to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and a look at feminism in 1970 examine the single, career-oriented woman who is making it on her own.  Great comparisons made to the shows we love from the past. 
  • GENERATION BOOM – “Generation Boom” explores the pros and cons of a generation that’s synonymous with what many call the greatest decade of the century.  I’m such a history-phile – love all of this stuff / this look back!
  • EARTH DAY – a visual journey into the first Eart Day, held on April 22, 1970.  Very cool look back!
  • LAUREL CANYON – a pictorial look at the Southern California neighborhood where a community of singers, songwriters, and musicians lived and generated a sound that topped the charts during the 1960s. Another great look back, in pictures, of a very specific time in MAD MEN’s history!
  • ADVERTISING TIMELINE – this interactive special feature takes a chronological view of the start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and power players during the Golden Age of Advertising.  I like seeing how the real world of advertising impacted the fake world of Sterling Cooper over the years.
  • AUDIO COMMENTARIES – Gain behind-the-scenes fun facts and in-depth insights about the show from creator Matthew Weiner and the cast and crew.  Always one of my favorite parts of any Blu-Ray set, it’s the audio commentaries.  Love to hear what the cast and crew were thinking!

Final thoughts: I can’t say enough about beautiful the show looks in this set (also available on DVD and through Digital HD download).  It’s the perfect thing to have in your collection – can’t have the end of the MAD MEN era without it!