The enduring appeal of ENTOURAGE

The enduring appeal of Entourage

One of the biggest trends in the media world in recent years is the success of television series through the vast range of streaming sites such as Netflix.

There have been many series that have captured the public’s imagination such as Breaking Bad and True Detective, but Entourage in particular has illustrated an enduring appeal, and now looks to be making the jump to the silver screen.

Hollywood charm

The basic premise of the series is to reveal the entertaining, and often hilarious exploits of a group of actors in Hollywood. The series was devised by movie star Mark Wahlberg and is largely based on his accounts of the bizarre characters that he’s become acquainted with in modern-day Hollywood.

As such, there are plenty of highs and lows to enjoy as the main character Vincent Chase attempts to climb the precarious ladder of the Hollywood star system. So there’s a treasure trove of damaged egos and competitive rivalries that serve to provide a fascinating insight into the world of Hollywood.

The series was also notable for its willingness to feature some of the movie world’s hidden vices including porn shoots, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the characters’ large amount of time spent in casinos such as in the hilarious Vegas, Baby Vegas episode. This featured the gang heading to the casinos to play a variety of games that you’d find at Springbok Casino, only to end up hosting a stripper competition that goes completely awry!

Major themes

Although the sit-com is superficially about the headaches and heartaches of the Hollywood system, it works best when it deals with real life issues of friendship and loyalty.

This is seen in the intense camaraderie between the friends as they make their way from the small town beginnings of Queens in New York, to becoming big shot players in the movie business.

And with an impeccable script, some wonderful comic timing, and above all, a willingness to show up the absurdity of the entertainment industry, it’s clear to see why Entourage has managed to run for eight seasons on the American TV network HBO.

After such a success on the small screen, it seems a natural choice for Entourage to hit the movie theatres. And in May 2015, the film version of Entourage was released in cinemas with cameos from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Kelsey Grammar and Jessica Alba, as the gang continued their chaotic, yet crowd-pleasing foray into the wonderful world of movies.