DVD Review: RIZZOLI & ISLES The Complete Fifth Season

81Vdx0MadXL._SX425_RIZZOLI & ISLES S5 was released on June 2 and the MToT has spent time catching up with the gang. Check out our quick thoughts:

TNT’s #1 show is set to release when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD June 2, 2015 for $39.98 SRP. The release features all 18 episodes from the show’s fifth season plus never-before-seen bonus material

What’s on the back: “Fire and Ice. Science and Street Smarts. Instinct and Logic. Lipstick and Leather. Best friends and work colleagues Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles use the best of their expert skills and unique personalities to solve Boston’s deadliest crimes, from nailing contract killers to cracking Keltic codes. Season Five brings a new slate of complex and dangerous cases that puts the BPD team – already heartbroken after losing one of their own – on high alert.  But life goes on, and Jane and Maura, as well as Jane’s feisty mom, Angela, soon face the possibilities of new love and new life.  These funny, formidable friends have each others’ back – and the backs of their squad mates – in all 18 episodes, featuring compelling cases, warm hearts and fresh starts. ”

What we think: There is a feeling I get when I dive into an old book – one of comfort, where I never want to stop reading and when I’m finished, I pick right back up where I started.  That’s the feeling I get, too, when I watch a show that just makes me happy.  For me, RIZZOLI & ISLES is that “old book” – I enjoy the cases, I enjoy the friendships, the camaraderie, the way that they handled a cast member’s untimely death.  Everything about Season 5 was solid, comfortable TV viewing!  I could watch any episode 3 or 4 times and would still enjoy what I was seeing!  I go back to the “Burden of Proof” / “Bridge to Tomorrow” two-parter all the time!

Tell me the details!!

Episodes Included:

  • All 18 episodes of Season 5 (Approx 757 min run time)
  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.78:1
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • English / French subtitles

Special Features:

  • Stepping Through the Stunt: The Burden of Proof Bridge Sequence featurette – I liked watching this as I got a little insight into what they were dealing with on that bridge!
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Final thoughts: The DVD set looks great – high quality; just like the HD of when it originally aired. Get caught up before the all new season starts – and definitely enter for your chance to win a copy of RIZZOLI & ISLES S5 on DVD from MyTakeonTV!