Quick Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is back!!!



*ahem* I’m excited!!

Pretty Little Liars is back for the Season 5 premiere tonight!!

Season 4 was…well it was kind of all over the place. Aria losing her common sense and going on benders, finding out that Ezra has/had more to do with Alison than any of us originally thought, Hanna and Emily having personal dramas, and don’t get me started on Spencer’s sudden “relapse” into a drug addiction that everyone conveniently decided never to discuss again. I mean, really. I never expected the plot hole to be filled so haphazardly, but oh well. It’s done. In the last episode “A is for Answers” we found out a TON of information. What happened to Alison the night she “died” being that we STILL don’t know who actually tried to kill her and we STILL don’t know for sure who “A” is.


BUT, the Liars know Alison’s alive. They are united in their efforts to expose “A” and bring Alison back to their town and lives. Though, with her heinous past antics, why would you want her back??? She’s been AWFUL. However, nobody deserves to be bonked on the noggin and buried alive. So there’s that.

Tonight’s episode is entitled “EscApe from New York” and THAT’S ALL I KNOW. Last we saw them, the Liars and Ali were on a rooftop with Hanna wielding “A’s” gun. Ezra appears to have been shot and is dying in Aria’s arms, (…ok, there’s just no way he’s gonna be dead, right?) and we get to see how they’ll manage to get themselves out of this one.

As far as just who in the world “A” really is? I haven’t a clue anymore. There’s been SO MANY dark and mysterious character introductions, I’m going to need a spreadsheet and a dry-erase board just to even ATTEMPT to keep it all straight.

On a side note, BRAVO to the social media dudes at ABCFamily for slapping in the most hilarious “hashtags” during pivotal points in the episode. I wish I’d kept a running tally of them, (I feel like one of them was “#HolyCrAp” but I think that’s just my imagination) they’ve really gotten creative.

Tune in tonight, to ABCFamily at 8/9c and watch Pretty Little Liars; I know I’ll be watching!!!