Intel Tablet Crew – An Update

uk_GT-P5100TSABTU_013_Front_blackHaving spent a few months with the Samsung Tablet as a part of the Intel Tablet Crew, I can tell you that my little Apple heart might be turning over a new leaf.

Why, you ask?

This tablet has everything I need – It seems that the Samsung moves just a bit faster than my second generation iPad, the screen is beautiful, and it’s so new, ha! A shiny screen, intuition, and the ability to tell when I’ve looked away, so it doesn’t waste battery by staying bright and active? I’ve also been able to do a lot of gaming that I wasn’t doing before, so that’s been really nice.

My favorite thing at this point has to be the ability to learn something new.  That seems like a crazy thing to say, but just being able to learn and understand the Android technology has helped me to apply that in some other aspects of my life.  I spend the majority of my time playing games or reading e-books on the Samsung, and I’m obsessed.

I also have done the majority of my podcasting from the Samsung over the past few weeks and I’m still hooked on Skype!  Call quality is great, and the video image is clear.

Check back in a few months for an update and how traveling with a new tablet like this was compared to time spent with my other electronics!

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