Quick Take: Syfy’s HELIX….aka what did I just watch for 2 hours?

Helix - Season 1Full disclosure: I may be very alone in saying that I was among the few who watched Syfy’s HELIX, premiering tonight at 10/9c, and felt…confused? Lost? Not completely engaged? Billy Campbell stars as Dr Alan Farragut, the head of the CDC’s outbreak field team who is summoned to the Arctic when his brother contracts an unknown and crazy dark virus.  He gets there, he does experiments, he flirts and fights with two pretty ladies, and then all of a sudden there are people seeing things, multiple infestations, a man missing a left arm, and a lot of black goo.

I’ve seen many people say that it’s a great new show from the dark mind behind the newer BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Ronald D Moore), and I’d agree that it’s from his mind, but can’t agree just yet that it’s great.

What say you?  Follow the jump for some pretty gallery shots (before the goo), and some episodic images of the premiere!


  • Pat

    Boring! The black goo it’s not original anymore, they used it on the XFiles and Prometeus, the young girl with all the PhD’s very was silly like yeah sure you are super smart and stupid, the exwife that doesn’t know how to separate work from personal life, they have to solve a major problem and she is worried about his exhusband being mad with her because she slept with his brother 🙁 , give me a break, the mean asian Doctor and Im going to stop here cause I don’t have nothing very interesting to say about the show, I lost 2 hours watching a boring boring episode, sorry about the rant Lol.

  • Myles

    Yea the show is so boring. I’m always expecting the Chinese guy to start slow clapping and say ” good job, you figured it all out”. I hate the main characters whiny nature and all the other terrible cliches this show has.