Quick Take: CHICAGO P.D. is worth a quick look!

Chicago P.D. - Season 1When CHICAGO FIRE premiered last year, I watched it without any deep emotional attachment, but somewhere along the way, one of the firemen gets magnesium shavings in his lungs, and I was crying like a baby.  Haven’t missed an episode since.  I watched the CHICAGO P.D. embedded pilot from last season, and found myself in the same boat – no deep emotional attachment.  After watching the first three episodes of the CHICAGO P.D. season, I’m along for the ride, but not quite emotionally invested.  Sophia Bush is surprisingly believable as a cop (I didn’t believe it before seeing it) and Patrick Flueger is easy on the eyes and charming as hell. And honestly?  You can never go wrong when Elias Koteas is involved!  Most important of all – the show doesn’t act like their friends on CHICAGO FIRE don’t exist.  There hasn’t been an episode yet where a familiar face doesn’t show up.

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