Tonight on TBS, GROUND FLOOR, their latest foray into half-hour comedy premieres with back to back episodes at 10/9c.  The show, from DOOZER (with Warner Horizon TV), the gang behind COUGAR TOWN and NBC’s upcoming UNDATEABLE (this one is co-created by Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins), tells the story of what happens when upwardly-mobile banker named Brody (Skylar Astin, PITCH PERFECT) has what he thinks will be a one-night-stand with Jenny, the pretty girl he meets at the bar (Briga Heelan, COUGAR TOWN and the upcoming UNDATEABLE).  When it’s pretty clear to everyone involved (much to the chagrin of Brody’s boss Mansfield (John C McGinley) and Jenny’s coworker Harvard (Rory Scovel)) that these two are meant for each other, the show quickly becomes a bright and sunny workplace comedy with surprising results.The chemistry between laid back Jenny and slowly-becoming-less-up-tight Brody is palpable.  It’s clear as day why these two people would find each other at a bar and hit if off.  Heelan is hilarious in this role, and so much better suited than the ditz she plays on COUGAR TOWN.  I love how she’s smart and confident, independent enough to not want to fall into a relationship just because he’s some rich banker (a storyline about their disparate money situations provides a lot of laughs in Episode 4).  They both come from such different worlds – Brody in the fast paced, on-time-is-late world upstairs, and Jenny in the world on the GROUND FLOOR where things like funerals for fired people, naps, and office chair races are more pressing than anything.

I found myself surprised by how funny I found the show, only because I wasn’t expecting anything going in, and it made me smile when I wasn’t already laughing out loud.  I’ve already mentioned the chemistry between Astin and Heelan, but it’s worth mentioning that everyone here meshes really well together.  In just 4 episodes, they’ve found a way to have everyone in the cast interact in someway, and there is no “weak link” (the cast is rounded out by James Earl (GLEE), Alexis Knapp (PITCH PERFECT), and Rene Gube (UCB)). Lots of real laughing, smiling, and relating to the absurdity of day to day office life – this one is definitely one worth watching.  Let us know you think after watching (psst….the pilot is available online on and on the TBS app), and tune in for upcoming episodes that just get better as they go!