My Take On…the MIKE & MOLLY 4th Season Premiere

103712_d1262b_1While it’s never a show that’s on the top of my list, as far as what I race to catch up on when I’m behind a few days, I was as surprised as everyone else who watches that MIKE & MOLLY had not originally been on the CBS Fall Schedule.  I had a feeling that when one of the lesser comedies (which I actually thought would be THE MILLERS) was canceled, M&M would make their way back, and I was right!  Tonight, on CBS, MIKE & MOLLY returns at 9/8c with an all new episode that finds Molly at a crossroads in her career.

When she realizes that she’s administering a test that the school district has acronym-ed “SCAR,” after a bit of a breakdown in the classroom, Molly heads out the window and into the unknown.  A weird “trial” and a drunken night out later, and Melissa McCarthy proves once again that she is one of the most skilled physical comediennes of our day.

They’re touting this as the NEW MIKE & MOLLY in promos and it’s no wonder why – they’re letting Melissa be freer with herself, and it’s nice to see her pretty much let loose and kill it in this first episode – whether crawling out a window ungracefully, walking through the rain, or punching a horrible woman in the face, she is a delight to watch.

I still don’t think MIKE & MOLLY is going to be on the top of my watch list, but when I check back in, I know I’m always going to have a good time, and I’m glad that the show has found a home again on CBS Monday nights, where it’s always belonged.  Check out a preview of the premiere, and let us know what you think after watching!