My Take On…the brilliant return of BOB’S BURGERS

311_09_04_tk1-0025(1)Have I told you lately how much I love BOB’S BURGERS? Because I do.  Maybe more than just about any other comedy on the air.  The genius animated series about Bob Belcher, his lovely wife Linda, and their, let’s be honest, clinically insane children Louise, Gene, and the best thing on earth, Tina, has their season 4 premiere tonight at 8:30/7:30c on FOX (and FOX just renewed the show for season 5!!!) in an episode that had me laughing from beginning to end (including the hilarious credits).

Tina was sick the night her scout troop went camping, so in a sign of support, the whole family decides to head up the mountain to help her get some badges.  What follows is a delight – they find a couple living off the land (who wrote a story about how to survive the end of days that I would love to read), and some bad fish has its way with Bob.  Add to that, a genius plan involving tubing down the river and another great song, and you’ve got another classic episode with SO MANY QUOTABLE LINES!  Don’t miss the chance to fall in love with this insanity just like I did!!

Follow the jump for pictures from the episode!