My Take On…HOMELAND Season 3

Season 2 of HOMELAND ended with a literal and figurative bomb being dropped on the country – someone set Brody up (or did they) for an actual bombing at the CIA that killed a large number of people, while someone released the video of Brody admitting his role as a soldier for Abu Nazir.  Carrie Matheson sent her love (Brody) on the lam, across the Canadian border, and returned to Saul (now acting commander) at the CIA.

When Season 3 starts (tonight at 9/8c on Showtime), Saul’s still in charge and Carrie’s on trial for her role in the Brody affair.  Brody is on the run, and his family is not doing so hot.  The CIA is still looking for Brody, and wants to distance themselves from Carrie, which puts Saul in a tough situation.  Though things look dire, she may find a bit of an ally in Quinn (happy to see Rupert Friend still around), so that’s a story I look forward to watching.

Some people say that the second season suffered a bit, story-telling wise, but two episodes into the new season, it seems course-corrected, as I’m invested in what’s coming next.  The Saul and Carrie stuff is fantastic, and the Dana story has actually been interesting (vs last year where it was my least favorite thing).  HOMELAND is still on top of my favorites list, and S3 is definitely worth a look!