My Take On…the MOM series premiere on CBS

103291_d03785bTonight on CBS, after the 3rd season premiere of 2 BROKE GIRLS, Anna Faris and Allison Janney headline the latest Chuck Lorre sitcom MOM (9:30/8:30c).  Anna Faris plays Christy, a single mother and recovering addict, working as a (pretty terrible) waitress, and struggling to make it all work – raising the kids, keeping her daughter NOT pregnant, getting to her son’s competitions, etc.  She has a sort-of support system in the guys in her life: Her ex is played by Matt Jones (Badger from BREAKING BAD, how’s it going?); her new boyfriend is played by Nate Corddry.  But before you know it, her kids have recruited Christy’s own single mother/recovering addict (played to perfection and with delight by Allison Janney, my hero) to help out with life in general.

The two “MOMs” in question haven’t had a great relationship, and they are brought together to mend fences, and really try to make a concerted effort to be one big happy family. What follows is your typically run of the mill comedy pilot from CBS that features some sex jokes, some drug jokes, a cougar-like mother, a little bit of classic over-the-top-Anna-Faris-ness, and cliches you’d most expect.  What I will say, however, is that the show had some genuine heart that I think can only get better with more episodes under their belts.  I’m not ready to say that MOM is must-see-TV, but I will go out on a limb and say that of all the muck we’ve been given from the networks this year, MOM isn’t half bad, and it’s worth a viewing or two!