My Take On…THE LEAGUE’s 5th Season Premiere on FXX

The League LogoTonight on FXX, Season 5 of THE LEAGUE premieres after an all new IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.  The show that I avoided like the plague in Season 1 (I was misinformed – I’ve since gone back and kicked myself for missing out) has become one of the shows I most look forward to every fall.

After a season that found Ruxin falling to the bottom of the league standings, the new season picks up at the beginning of FFL season – everyone’s ready to make Ruxin the butt of all the jokes (moreso than usual) now that he has to perform all the duties associated with “winning” the Sacko.  But this year, Ruxin’s not playing along.  When the guys take a trip to Los Angeles for their draft, under the guise of celebrating Andre’s bachelor party (remember, he’s marrying Trixie?), things take a really bad turn when Ruxin joins Ravi’s league, Adam Brody’s Ted has surprises for the gang, and the Houston Texans’ JJ Watt (surprisingly good here) wreaks havoc on the draft.  Oh and that super-secret draft that Andre wants might not exactly stay super secret for long.

I love this show.  That’s the long and short of it.  Taco continues to do his Taco thing (how he has yet to learn ANYTHING about fantasy football is amazing); Jenny and Kevin are awesome, in general.  Kevin’s other wife, Pete, has some great “cocktail” related stuff in the premiere.  Ruxin continues to be completely awful but completely hilarious all at once, and poor, poor Andre just can’t catch a break (special tidbit – the best man stuff in the first two episodes is hilarious and I wish I had as much need for as many hats as Dr Nozick carries around on a daily basis).  The guest stars beyond Adam Brody and JJ Watt are hilarious, and the show is off to a really great start.  Check out the gallery below for some “fancy” cast pictures, and episodic shots from tonight’s premiere.  THE LEAGUE premieres at 10:30/9:30c on FXX.  Click on any image to start a slideshow!